Spreader Settings

Below are some useful rates on applying materials with different types of spreaders. However, always remember that ultimately, the proper poundage of material applied over the proper sq.ft. is what is critical. Some prefer to go at a lighter rate and go over the area several times, others prefer a larger number and run at a mini jog. Just ensure that the proper weight is applied over the proper sq.ft. 

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10#/1000 sq.ft scattersheet for seed

10#/1000 sq.ft scattersheet for fertilizer

Helpful Tips

1. Always apply a "header strip" or turning area at each end of the lawn first.

2. Always steer as smoothly as possible around obstacles.

3. With broadcast spreaders, always stay about 3-4 feet away from areas you do not want to apply the product.

4. With broadcast spreaders, overlap product appox. 1½ feet.  With drop spreaders, overlap only slightly (3-4 inches).

 5. Start pushing spreader before target area, then open hopper at desired area, apply strip, and close at end of strip while you are still moving.

 6. Never turn a spreader while the hopper is open.

 7. With drop spreaders, apply fertilizer in two directions.  Example: First north and south,then east and west, to avoid missing strips.