As winter approaches, there are several issues you need to consider.

First, if you put down winter rye grass seed, you can apply pre-emergents after your 4th mowing. The pre-emergent "0-0-5" will stop things like poa-annua whereas the pre-emergent "Gallery" stops weeds like wild carrot and bur-sticker. Some customers only need one pre-emergent while others need both.

Second, also during the time of your 4th mow, you can begin to apply weed killers like Weed Free Zone (if needed). This is the primary weed killer for broadleaf weeds in turf during the winter. For those who did not over-seed, adding "Diquat" may be beneficial in killing any grass weeds. DO NOT APPLY DIQUAT TO OVERSEEDED LAWNS! 

Third, be watchful for potential frosts. We sell frost protection covers which are great to protect your plants if we get a frost or freeze. 

Lastly, winter is the best time of year to do your dormant oil sprays on trees. It is also a great time to prune a lot of your ornamental plants.  

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