Trees need special treatment when they are fertilized and watered because their root structures are so deep in the ground. It can be a challenge to get fertilizer and water to the roots because 75% of the fertilizer will only go about one inch deep into the soil. Merely spreading the fertilizer on the top of the ground does little good. In fact, it can encourage the tree roots to come to the surface. 

     To properly feed and water trees, two different types of holes should be made around the drip line of the tree.  One hole is for fertilizer the other for pea gravel. The fertilizer hole should be 12 inches deep and filled to within four inches of the top.  The remaining four inches should be filled back with dirt. The other holes are to be filled with pea gravel all the way to the top leaving only 1-2” to be filled with dirt. These holes should be 24 inches deep or more. Again these holes should be made around the drip line of the tree, with each hole alternating between the fertilizer and gravel. The holes should be about one to two feet apart, depending on the size of the tree (see illustration). 

     Doing this ensures that fertilizer is at the correct depth for the feeder roots and the gravel gives proper drainage and aeration to encourage a healthy root system. Using the proper fertilizer is also important.  We suggest the use of our custom blended “SUPER 10 ”.  

     CITRUS TREES- need frequent fertilization because they lack the ability to store nitrogen. Three to four times per year is suggested for them.

     YOUNG TREES – because they have a small drip line usually require three to four holes each of fertilizer and gravel are sufficient.[1]

[1] Note for Oak and Olive trees use 0-10-10

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