Traps, Repellants, and Poison

We carry several different ways to get rid of those pesky critters!

Rats and Mice

We carry a extensive line of different types and applications to meet the your needs in catching or killing these unwanted pests. From live catch, to repellants, organic and pet friendly baits, to old fashion traps, glue trays, poison baits and humane kill. Come see what we have!

Havahart Cat Traps

We both rent and sell cat traps- See our RENTALS for more details! In addition to the traps we do sell several types of repellants for cats and even dogs. When you come in we can help determine what will best suit your needs. 


Not only do we have the poison baits and the bait stations for the squirrels but we carry two of the Rugged Ranch Traps - one comes with a basin (the other without) and each allow for multiple catches off of one baiting (some customers have caught 15 or more squirrels in one day).


We have bird netting, bird repellant gel, bird repellant spikes and the flash tape!


For these pesky critters we have baits, applicator probes, repellants, traps and gassers! We will show you how to best save and restore your plants but also how to most easily eliminate any gophers you may have.