At Gardener's Supply we carry an extensive line of quality tools. Several different types of shovels, rakes, landscape tools, water rollers, compost spreaders, tools for fire break control, different hoes, axes, brooms, cultivators, fruit pickers, gloves, and plant pruners.


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Long Handle Tools

Assorted Hand Tools, Gasoline Cans, Trash Tarps, Bungie Cords, Indoor Garden Boxes, Rain Gauges, Brooms and More!

Several types of Hand Pruners, Hedge Shears, Pruning Loppers, Pole Saws, Buck Saws and the Replacement Parts!

Deerskin Gloves, Rose Gloves, Eye Protection, Ear Protection, Leather Gloves and More!

Hoses, Soaker Hoses, Revolvers, Soaker Bubbers, Mending Kits and More!