Soil Conditioners

Soil amendments and conditioners change the physical nature of soil. These amendments and conditioners help the soil to retain moisture as well as increase drainage. They also have the ability to transfer nutrients to plants and increase the amount of micronutrients in the soil. Our products do not have composted human sewer sludge as other products may.

 Redwood Compost 

Use in flower beds for long-lasting organic material. This product is also great for tilling into the soil to add organics before planting a lawn. Redwood Compost comes in 3 cubic foot bags. Buy 6 get 1 free! 


Use in flowerbeds, shrubs, and vegetable gardens for beneficial organic material. This product contains natural firbark, chicken manure, earthworm castings, bat guano and kelp meal. Use as a topper for up to 200 square feet. Firmulch comes in 2 cubic foot bags. Buy 3 get 1 free!

Soil Booster

Use in flowerbeds, vegetable gardens prior to planting. This product contains firbark, chicken manure, composted mushroom soil, earthworm casting, volcanic pumice stone, bat guano, kelp meal, and feather meal. Buy 3 get 1 free


Redwood Compost is our most popular mulch for those who are putting in a new lawn! According to the Western Fertilizer Handbook, it takes 5.5 yards of mulch to change your soil 30% when tilling at a 6 inch depth. This many yards of material ends up being about one pallet of Redwood Compost. If this step is done, you are helping your lawn for many, many years with beneficial micronutrients and better drainage and oxygenation. 


Firmulch is our most popular material for those who desire to add a "top dressing" to their flowerbeds or even their gardens. This is also the best material used for adding topper to seed. When planting seed, the seed must be kept moist otherwise the seed dies. Using 1/8" or more of Firmulch ensures that your seed will not dry out.


Soil booster is our best material for those who are doing raised garden beds! It takes about 11 bags for a 4x4x1 raised bed. Come see us for further instruction about which mulch is best for your needs. 

We also have a special "Gardener's Supply" potting soil which is 1/3 sand, 1/3 dirt, and 1/3 Redwood compost. This special blend of materials is perfect for raising the level of your dirt, planting in any situation (Pots or Beds), used as a topper or anywhere you want for perfectly balanced soil!