Tool Rentals!

We know that there are many projects that require special tools that you wish to avoid buying so at Gardener's Supply we have several tools that you can rent. Each rental is for a 24 hour time period (unless you rent on Saturday, in this case you get to keep the tool until the following Tuesday). We rent the following items (we also sell all of our rentals).

Cat Traps-$10.00 Rental Fee with a $59.99 deposit (When renting cat traps, we rent them for a two week time period rather than a 24 hour time period.)

Seed Spiker-$7.50

Water Roller-$7.50

4 Foot Land Leveler-$7.50

Fertilizer Spreaders- $5.00 

Compost Spreader-$5.00

Landscape Rake-$2.50


Landscape Special

Land Leveler, Water Roller, Compost Roller or Landscape Rake (choice of three)-$12.50