Grass Seed Comparison

Grasses are divided into two main groups: Warm season or cool season. Warm season grasses are those that thrive in hot weather, turn brown in the winter, spread by stolons or rhizomes, and must be overseeded in the winter for a green lawn. The main examples of this type are Bermuda, both common and hybrid, Zoysia and St. Augustine. Cool Season grasses, on the other hand, stay green year-round, are bladed grasses (in contrast to leaves on runners like warm season grasses) and do not spread. Bare spots in cool season grasses need to be re-seeded.




* Do not apply fast-release nitrogen fertilizers in the summer to these grasses

** Bakersfield Mix is a custom mixture of 50% Fescue and 50% perennial ryegrass

Note: If bermuda grass is in the group of weeds to be killed before planting, wait until May and spray with Roundup™ Quick Pro! (Ask for the renovation instruction sheets)